Monday, 15 December 2008

Life is a (Kora) Cabaret

Ultravox reunion? Robbie Williams re-joining Take That? The pound at 1.10 euros? Naaaaah forget all that, big news of the moment is an almost Cabaret Voltaire re-union / resurrection / resuscitation.

I quote from
The Southampton (UK) based label Shiva Records announces us the return (not reunion) of the Sheffield based cult act Cabaret Voltaire. In January 2009 Shiva Records will release the first new work by Cabaret Voltaire since 1993, which is actually a re-working of key tracks from the debut album by the Shiva Records act Kora. Cabaret Voltaire have also lined up select shows for 2009, dates are yet to be confirmed.

and from :

Cabaret Voltaire founder Richard H Kirk has intricately crafted a cut-and-paste 'collage' based on the 2007 debut album by Maori dub rock outfit Kora (hence the title). That might sound weird but his artful touch ensures these drawn-out tracks are also brilliantly listenable. It brings to mind the Mad Professor's 1995 dub reworking of Massive Attack, No Protection, taking on new life with vocal segments, electronic effects and hefty basslines.....

In its own way, it's danceable, too; party soundtracks don't get more surreal than this.


Cabaret Voltaire circa 1978 "Do we look avant-garde in this?"

Cabaret Voltaire fanspace
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Kora CD at
Thanks to RadioBeach and evilC for their tip-offs ;-)

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Romance of the Bootleg

After all this talk about modern digital recordings having to be perfectly remastered without a click or scratch out of place it was quite refreshing to come across this bootleg recording of a recent OMD concert obviously made from the audience with all the faults such a venture implies .. audience cheering, booing, people talking next to the mike, clapping too loud etc. Bliss! Takes you back to the days of the bootleg cassette picked up usually at record fairs and bought off dodgy looking geezers for extortionate prices. Ah those were the days...

And on the subjectof OMD live I finally got round to actually buying their 'Architecture & Morality and more' CD released earlier this year. About time we had a live OMD album really as they always had put on a great show, but fans like me have only ever been able to hear them via aforementioned bootlegs, the odd radio transmission or single tracks released a B sides. This official issue does not disappoint - all the Architecture and Morality tracks are there, most notably a re-vamped The New Stone Age performed with the energy and immediacy it deserves, plus a sound rendition of the sublime The Beginning & the End , although it's juxtaposition with If You Leave jars somewhat at least to these ears (it's the first OMD single I never bought..). Dreadful cover - artwork inside better.

Punters may be better off getting the DVD version which has all the tracks played on the night (the CD inexplicably omits Messages for one..). Speaking of which I would like to thank the anonymous Polish person who very kindly putthe DVD up on Rapidshare via a local forum. It took me the best part of a day to download all the files and decompress them, only to discover the the main concert part has no audio to it! The sensation of disappointment was similar to that of getting one of those dodgy bootlegs home and listening to it on your tape recorder only to find a crappy audience recording.... Plus ca change..

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