Monday, 14 January 2013


Welcome back to here readers. First post of 2013.
The whole world and his dog were talking about the new David Bowie album last week, but I didn't bother.
Another big announcemnt today as far as we're concerned is all the official news of OMD's new album English Electric due in April. Official media have today posted details, track-listing and a nifty little video for new track Decimal.

Echoes of Dazzle Ships-era Time Zones /ABC Auto-Industry, upgraded (and recycled), but we'll go with it.
Tracks also include the new single Metroland (Metropolis+Radioland?), out in March, Helen of Troy (cf. Joan of Arc), Kissing the Machine (presumably a remake of the McCluskey/Bartos track from ages ago).

Dazzle Ships is 30 years old this year.