Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Bigger than the Universe

Depeche Mode begin their assault on world domination (slightly later than U2) previewing their new single Wrong on German TV last Saturday night. The Basildon Three have also published details of the new album release, announced American tour dates and have 'self-leaked' a new song onto i-tunes.
The new single has been received with mixed views both from fans and critics although I think we all know by now that most DM singles are 'growers' and their rarely get their debuts, er, wrong. See / hear for yourselves here (and elsewehere).

The new album - modestly titled 'Sounds of the Universe' will be released on 20th April 2008 in convential CD form as well as in a special deluxe CD+DVD box set containing the album plus "a host of exclusive material". The album can already be ordered in digital form from i-tunes with single Wrong immediately available.

The track "Oh Well (Black Light Odyssey Dub)" has also been made available on UK i-tunes and already has its own entry in discogs.com . Needless to say it's also already available as an mp3 bootleg.

Depeche Mode : something wrong Martin?

Friday, 20 February 2009

Orch men go orch..estral

news just in from the OMD official web site:

OMD will be performing in concert alongside the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra for a special performance scheduled for Saturday 20th June 2009.

The first half of the concert will feature the RLPO performing The Energy Suite against a backdrop of film footage.

The second half of the concert will feature Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys performing a range of OMD songs including Enola Gay, Souvenir, Joan of Arc, Sailing on the Seven Seas and Electricity with specially-written arrangements by Ian Gardiner, Louis Johnson and Ian Stephens.

Sounds interesting.

OMD with orchestra: Eric's was never like this.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Got the Human League in to inspire 'em

Pet Shop Boys have announced that their new album 'Yes' out on 23rd March will also be available with a special second disc 'Yes etc.' with dub versions of selected tracks off Yes plus a new track "This used to be the future" featuring guest vocals by Phil Oakey of The Human League.
Although pioneers of the 'remix' album themselves (see Disco 1 - 2 - 3) the PSBs state that "the inspiration for this bonus album came from The Human League's 1982 dub album, "Love and Dancing" (issued under the name of The League Unlimited Orchestra....actually).

PSB's "Love etc." is Record of the Week on BBC Radio 2 this week.

Phil Oakey: "one day all hair will be cut this way.."