Monday, 21 September 2009

A Bad video

News from Bad Lieutenant, the new band featuring ex New Order members. Bad Lieutenant are: Bernard Sumner (vocals/guitar), Stephen Morris (drums), Phil Cunningham (guitar/keyboards/vocals), Jake Evans (vocals/guitar), Tom Chapman (bass).

The video for "Sink Or Swim" is now premiering on Yahoo Video. - seems to be a very 'back to basics' approacH with much guitar thrashing, Morris playing an acoustic kit and not a synth in sight!

The debut album from Bad Lieutenant, "Never Cry Another Tear" is also available to order exclusively at the Bad Lieutenant online store .

A limited edition, Deluxe Box Set is available to pre-order. This includes the "Never Cry Another Tear" CD album including two bonus tracks, double vinyl album, exclusive 7", a deluxe booklet and a numbered Art Print. The band have also designed a Limited Edition T-Shirt that can only be ordered with the Super Deluxe Box Set.

"Never Cry Another Tear" is also available on Limited Edition Digipack CD (featuring Two Bonus Tracks), Vinyl LP, standard CD, and Digital Download.

Bad Lieutenant watch their own video in nice new trainers

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Shifting pleasures in the glow

John Foxx will release two new special editions of previous albums as well as a new live album in October.

His first two albums recorded with Louis Gordon and will be issued in remastered double CD format: 97's comeback album Shifting City (“pure Urban Electronica...") together with “The Omnidelic Exotour” and 3 previously unreleased tracks, and 2001's The Pleasures of Electricity newly remixed in 2009 by Foxx with disc two featuring the original mix of the album plus two previously unreleased bonus tracks.

In the Glow
is a definitive 2 CD Edition of Foxx's first ever solo tour in 1983 promoting his then-current album “The Golden Section”. The set features both his own songs and some originally performed with Ultravox.

All CDs available to order from Townsend

John Foxx and Louis Gordon: no it's not really it?

J Foxx & L Gordon - Quiet City

Catalogue Shopping

Kraftwerk are set to release their complete back catalogue in remastered CDs on 12th October.
All eight albums ranging from 1974's Autobahn to Tour de France Soundtracks, released in 2003 will be issued as a digitally remastered single CD, vinyl LP or together as a complete box set entitled "The Catalogue". Digital downloads will also be available.
Some of the original cover art has been re-designed, most notably on Man Machine where the iconic band photograph has been completely removed. Electric Café has also been renamed to it's original working title 'Techno Pop'. Tour de France also loses it's "Soundtracks" suffix. A German language version "Der Katalog" will also be available as early as October 2nd.

Kraftwerk's Man Machine then and now : spot the differenz

Music for alienated youth, and Germans*

A BBC documentary entitled Synth Britannia will be shown on BBC on October .. th. The programme follows the origins and rise of synth-pop on the British music scene from the late 70s into the 80s and explores the impact of electronic music on popular culture in Britain. Artists such as Gary Numan, Martin Ware, Andy McCluskey and Martin Gore contribute interviews to the programme which will feature The Human League, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and non - British Kraftwerk. "Gary Numan's 1979 appearance on Top Of The Pops heralded the invention of synthpop, which would provide the soundtrack as Britain entered a new, ruthless era in the Eighties" - BBC Press Office.

*post title (c) Martin L Gore, seetrailer:

OMD - Electricity (1980 Dindisc version)

Monday, 7 September 2009

2009 bells

Well, we couldn't have had another year go by without another Tubular Bells record from Mike Oldfield.
After Tubby Bells 2 / 3 / remaster / re-issue / DVD / live / complete / re-recorded / orchestral / piano / boxset / collection etc etc at last we have Tubular Bells "de-luxe edition". This new issue contains a new mix of the original TB, the original TB (as if you didn't have it already) on CD, and a 5.1 surround mix and live 70s TV performance of Part 1 on DVD. Perhaps the whole thing is worth it tho for Viv Stanshall's rioutous and drunken Sailor's Hornpipe, which I believe has only been available as a bootleg up to now. All that for only 12 quid from amazon so definitely worth it. Mind you the TB Ultimate Version is pretty tempting too...
Says Mike on writing his his opera omnia "It was as if something had invaded me spiritually and made me afraid and uncomfortable."

Oldfield circa 1973: "Ha!Ha! .....whaddya mean I'll still be mixing this in 36 years time!?!?!"

Mike Oldfield - The Sailor's Hornpipe

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Modern Manoeuvres

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark have announced the working title of their new studio album via Twitter. History of Modern is set for release in April / May of 2010 and according to Andy McCluskey will feature "a lot of analogue synth sounds...lots of Mellotron sounds..and even a few cheesy organ sounds as well!" Twitter uses are invited to express their opinion of the proposed title.
In an interview with Electronically Yours McCluskey expresses little enthusiasm for recent trendy electro-pop style bands such as Little Boots and La Roux although praises Ladytron and Marsheaux, with whom he has worked on a version of the classic OMD track She's Leaving.
A DVD of the recent performance with the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra is also being prepared.
OMD perform an acousic session for absolute radio tomorrow 3rd Sept. and are set to tour with Simple Minds this autumn / winter. Plans for touring with the new album are still to be decided.

OMD: thoroughly modern orch-men

Further reading: Owen Hatherly on OMD and Dazzle Ships

OMD - Genetic Engineering