Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Top Pops

Interesting chart over on Yes It's Number One, the top blog for all things Top of the Pops. It's a Top 30 based on artists' TOTP appearances over the years.
Unsurprisingingly UK charts/TOTP stalwarts such as Cliff Richard, Slade and Robbie Williams are high in the top 5 although I was surprised to see The Hollies as high up as no. 3.  Pretty amazed to see chaps like David Essex and Gary Glitter fairly low down - they always seemed to be on.
On the 80s front, Erasure ironically come slightly higher than Depeche Mode thanks to just one more appearance although 80s kings seem, quite rightly, to be Pet Shop Boys with 35 showings.
It all struck me as being very male-artist orientated although then again such is the nature of pop music I suppose. Lulu and Sandie Shaw hold a joint no. 9 position (with Mudd), followed by Kylie Minogue at 18 and Cilla at 21.
I'd be interested to know how YINO went about doing this chart although they are all pretty much experts over there so jolly well done.
There have been many memorable TOTP moments for me over the years although here's one of my faves. They didn't chart - anywhere.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Heavens above!

Phew..well, it's June already and it's certainly warming up a fair bit .. as I think it must have been 30 years ago too, as most of the songs that were in the charts this week in 1982, I seem to associate with warmer weather.

Among them all though, I was probably also rooting for ABC's classic The Look of Love which was making it's way up to the top, aided no doubt by this excellent performance / routine done for TOTP, and which was much better than the video. God, I sooo wanted to look and dance like they did.. that's the look, that's the look...

edit: The Look of Love reached no. 4 in the UK charts in mid-June held off the top spot by Adam Ant, Soft Cell and, er, Charlene. It remains one of the 80s' most memorable and classic tracks.