Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Barbara Buchholz dies

Very sad to read that Theremin virtuoso and teacher Barbara Buchholz passed away yesterday, at the age of just 52. I found out about her recently when researching for my lecture on electronic music and mentioned her as perhaps the most important contemporary Theremin musician. She regularly gave performances and workshops for the instrument, including one in Sardinia during the summer.
Born in Duisburg in 1958, Barbara studied music and palyed various instruments, including bass before becoming a master student of  Lydia Kavina, a descendent of the Theremin inventor Lev Thermen. Together with Kavina, in 2005 Barbara founded the platform Touch! Don't Touch! for theremin. Apprently she even partecipated in a German talent show in order to bring the Theremin to a wider audience.
As stated in her official biography.
  In the age of digital media, Barbara Buchholz’
work explores the options of making electronics
a dimension of human communication.
The combination of Thereminvox and
Midi Theremin is a bridge from the oldest to the
very latest technology.

Lieben Dank, Barbara!