Monday, 29 October 2012

July - My Clown (1968)

a nice bit of 1968 Brit psychedelia to get the week started. July's eponymous debut was the band's one and only album release, although the singer/leader David Bedford went on to do greater things with Mike Oldfield and those Tubby Bells. A kind of poor-man's Pink-Psychedlelic-Floyd, if you will, yet not without its moments.

July on wiki
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Note to self : look out for The British Psychedelic Trip series

Thursday, 11 October 2012

click click drone, click click ...

Exciting new John Foxx live DVD coming out next week. It's the 'Analogue Circuit' gig from back in June 2010 with some early Ultravox stuff, tracks from Metamatic and then new tracks from the nascent 'Maths' project with Benge. The whole package is a DVD plus audio tracks split into 2 CDs.
Video looks really good from this bit of clippage..roll on Christmas!