Wednesday, 17 February 2010

100% OMD

Liverpool-combo Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark are slowly giving details of their new long-awaited album The History of Modern. Their latest blog on myspace states that therecord label that will be issuing the album is 100% Records, who have previously worked with Moby, Placebo and The Temper Trap. The provisional release date for the album is set for late August/early September and while Paul Humphries "has been working" on it recently with mixing work coming up Andy McCluskey is meeting with Peter Saville this week to discuss sleeve design concepts.Stay tuned to LIM.

OMD: under construction

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I Love 1980 - 2

Blondie - Atomic

Although it's from a 1979 album Eat to the Beat, I always thought Atomic was a very 1980 sort of song and in fact I was pleased to read that it was in fact released as a single in February of that year. The album had been around although word had it that it was a disappinting follow up to the ground-breaking Parallel Lines (which we all had), so obviously I never even bothered with a tape copy (although I remember someone having it), but Debbie Harry was still a bit of alright..
But back to the single "Atomic" tho which was in fact a remix of the album track and had us bopping round the disco floors in a clumsy 16-year old sort of way. Cool punky music you could also dance to and impress girls with. And Debbie Harry was still a bit of alright.
The single actually made it to number 1, even though to this day I don't really understand what it's about. "I'll make you magnificent...atomic!" eh? A metaphor? Oh right!
The video (as seen on TOTP) plays on the post-nuclear apocalyptic theme, with our Debs dancing in a bin-bag, somewhat in contrast to the glossier dishy disco-Deb of Heart of Glass .. but she was still a bit of alright...atomic in fact!
By the way if anyone's reading and has the 12" in digital format then I'd like to hear their version of "Heroes". Thanks.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Foxxy electro-fest happening has announced details of "Short Circuit 2010", a celebration of the best of British electronic music at London's Roundhouse, headlined and curated by John Foxx.

Following a DJ set by one of the UK's most influential electronic artists, Gary Numan with co-producer Ade Fenton, John Foxx will perform a unique analogue synthesizer show to mark his thirtieth anniversary as a solo artist and the release of his debut solo album "Metamatic" in early 1980.

Foxx and a one-off group of special guests will assemble on stage for the first time with the machines he used on that album - the Moogs, ARPs and drum machines that created the sound of the future - to perform material from "Metamatic" and a selection of early Ultravox music.

The set will also include brand new material created in collaboration with Paul Daley from Leftfield, along with new songs by John Foxx & The Maths - an all-analogue synthesizer project with London-based artist Benge, whose work has been described by Brian Eno as a 'brilliant contribution to the archeology of electronic music.

Tickets £30 or so from Roundhouse

John Foxx: he's been sleeping in the garden again.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Extortionately expensive futuristic entertainment

Well if you've got 360 quid to spare then why not go along to the 5DX Dome in London next April?
Grace Jones, The Human League, Gary Numan and The Orb will all be performing at the special multi-media all singing all dancing "5 dimensional" Dome placed in Kensington Palace from April 7 - 11 which will utilise 3D surround sound and 360 degree visuals. Slap up dinner also included in the price, so it's got to be worth it.*

Says Numan of the Dome, "The technology of the 5DX Dome is so new it's scary. It's the entertainment equivalent of walking into a laptop - the audience are immersed in a 360 degree digital environment unlike any experience known before. It's a massive step forward in terms of entertainment and I'm proud to be involved."
Jones Numan and The League will also be playing the same Dome in Miami in March

details here: Silver Odyssey

*Lost In Music just being funny here...we do not approve of such high cost elitist music not for the masses.

Gary Numan finds his way around his laptop

Monday, 8 February 2010

More BL

Bad Lieutenant have announced their second single “TWIST OF FATE” is due for release on March 22nd. Described by the band as "21st century guitar music, blending catchy guitar hooks, and pounding bass sitting perfectly with Bernard Sumner’s familiar effortless vocal style" the track is already a firm live favourite

The band will be playing the following UK dates next month:

15th March – Sheffield Leadmill
16 March – Glasgow Garage
18th March – London Electric Ballroom
20th March – Preston 53 Degrees
21st March – Liverpool Masque

Official site:
never cry another download