Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Extortionately expensive futuristic entertainment

Well if you've got 360 quid to spare then why not go along to the 5DX Dome in London next April?
Grace Jones, The Human League, Gary Numan and The Orb will all be performing at the special multi-media all singing all dancing "5 dimensional" Dome placed in Kensington Palace from April 7 - 11 which will utilise 3D surround sound and 360 degree visuals. Slap up dinner also included in the price, so it's got to be worth it.*

Says Numan of the Dome, "The technology of the 5DX Dome is so new it's scary. It's the entertainment equivalent of walking into a laptop - the audience are immersed in a 360 degree digital environment unlike any experience known before. It's a massive step forward in terms of entertainment and I'm proud to be involved."
Jones Numan and The League will also be playing the same Dome in Miami in March

details here: Silver Odyssey

*Lost In Music just being funny here...we do not approve of such high cost elitist music not for the masses.

Gary Numan finds his way around his laptop

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