Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I Love 1980 - 2

Blondie - Atomic

Although it's from a 1979 album Eat to the Beat, I always thought Atomic was a very 1980 sort of song and in fact I was pleased to read that it was in fact released as a single in February of that year. The album had been around although word had it that it was a disappinting follow up to the ground-breaking Parallel Lines (which we all had), so obviously I never even bothered with a tape copy (although I remember someone having it), but Debbie Harry was still a bit of alright..
But back to the single "Atomic" tho which was in fact a remix of the album track and had us bopping round the disco floors in a clumsy 16-year old sort of way. Cool punky music you could also dance to and impress girls with. And Debbie Harry was still a bit of alright.
The single actually made it to number 1, even though to this day I don't really understand what it's about. "I'll make you magnificent...atomic!" eh? A metaphor? Oh right!
The video (as seen on TOTP) plays on the post-nuclear apocalyptic theme, with our Debs dancing in a bin-bag, somewhat in contrast to the glossier dishy disco-Deb of Heart of Glass .. but she was still a bit of alright...atomic in fact!
By the way if anyone's reading and has the 12" in digital format then I'd like to hear their version of "Heroes". Thanks.


Mikeyten said...

Here you go
Heroes Live


md said...

cheers mate! thanks for that and for coming by my blog.