Thursday, 8 April 2010

Anyone for China?

I am occasionally prompted by a good friend of mine to go back and find out what Liverpool combo China Crisis are up to these days. Never ones for a high profile (save for a few months in the mid-eighties) the Chinas still marvellously publish news of gigs and things via good old myspace (sooo 2000's). So judging by the events list on there, whether you're in Palma or Portsmouth, London or Liverpool then you should get a chance to check 'em out.

I was also pleased to see loads of footage of the Chinas from their golden era has cropped up on youtube including this little gem on the ORS in 82 (?). Just a tad too much dry ice, but they were so brilliantly young and innocent...

Their music always had that Spring into Summer kind of feel to it (first three albums
are def. pre-autumnal equinoxe stuff) so let's get the good times rolling. And to that end glad to see Saltyka and his friends' China Crisis page is still up (As featured on LIM yonks ago..).

watch / listen to my China Crisis video playlist

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