Thursday, 16 February 2012

Colourbox Box

Colourbox: under the box
Colourbox are perhaps one of the most underrated groups of the eighties, reamaining as they did for most of the decade on the fringes, too late for synth-pop and a little too early for the new electronica dance movement towards the end of the decade, which ironically they also championed.
Although they produced some good quality music influenced by electro, reggae, indie and all sorts of other stuff, they never really got the big hit, at least not until they somehow morphed into MARRS in 1987 and produced one of the biggest and most-influential 'one off' singles of all time Pump Up The Volume.

But now their label 4AD is set to celebrate the band's 30th anniversary (if somewhat prematurely) with a brand new 4 CD box set of all their released studio recordings and mixes put together by founder member Martyn Young. CD1 is the 1985 album, Colourbox, and includes all the tracks from the free album that was included with the original 10,000 LPs. The second disc is the 7" singles and the third is the 12" mixes. The final disc includes the 4 track mini-album, Colourbox (yes, same name as album) and loads of other previously unreleased stuff. Spiffing.

Order here if you will.

Back in 1986, Colourbox wrote a theme for the World Cup, aptly calling it The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme which, sadly, it wasn't. Here's the 12" version.


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