Monday, 6 February 2012

David Sylvian's back

And by that, we don't mean 'he has returned', quite the opposite in fact as Sylvian has had to postpone the upcoming tour due to problems with "..a lower back injury that is causing him significant pain and affecting his mobility", ie. he's done his back in.
The official statement published last week was quite clear about the reason for postponing the much anticipated Implausible Beauty tour, and was followed up with a personal message from Dave expressing  ".. sincere apologies (and gratitude) to all who purchased tickets for the shows" and ominously promising that the delay would make the tour "..all the stronger for it.". Mmm.

Not all is lost however as EMI's new best of compilation is still due for release on 27th February. A Victim Of Stars 1982-2012 is a celebration of Sylvian's 30 year solo, or rather post-Japan career,  including tracks done alone and with Sakamoto, Rain Tree Crow and Robert Fripp. And just to make sure the fans buy it there's also the token previously unreleased track Where's Your Gravity?
Speaking of 30 years of history, Sylvian was featured as star interviewee in Smash Hits, February 1982, discussing Japan's surprise 'break' announcement of the time. Click on pic below to see full issue and interview on pages 4 & 5. (Our gratidude - to use a Sylvian-esque term - as ever to Brian at Like Punk Never Happened for the scans)

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