Friday, 1 June 2012

Heavens above!

Phew..well, it's June already and it's certainly warming up a fair bit .. as I think it must have been 30 years ago too, as most of the songs that were in the charts this week in 1982, I seem to associate with warmer weather.

Among them all though, I was probably also rooting for ABC's classic The Look of Love which was making it's way up to the top, aided no doubt by this excellent performance / routine done for TOTP, and which was much better than the video. God, I sooo wanted to look and dance like they did.. that's the look, that's the look...

edit: The Look of Love reached no. 4 in the UK charts in mid-June held off the top spot by Adam Ant, Soft Cell and, er, Charlene. It remains one of the 80s' most memorable and classic tracks.

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