Thursday, 30 August 2012

Would you like to marry me?

The Smiths are one of those bands I shouldn't really like very much, since they brought an effective end to early-eighties synth-pop and with their proto-Britpop guitars and attitude made electronic-based bands seem a tad sillly.
That said, there's no doubting that they churned out some fine music in their prime and Morrisey and his mate were an excellent songwriting couple, who hit the right nail on the right head at the right time. Here's a TOTP performance from exactly 28 years ago with one of their better, and shorter, pop tunes which was storming up the charts back then. Love the TOTP graphics in the chart rundown too...soooo 1984. Oh and Richard Skinner's shirt...well....

Credit to Simon at On This TOTP Day.

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