Thursday, 12 March 2015

The hanging gardens of Shoreditch

John Foxx has another new album out at the end of this month. London Overgrown is a collection of instrumental tracks under the general theme of the UK's capital city being overrun by trees and bushes and so on.

Foxx had this to say:
Let's practice vertical gardening over buildings everywhere. Create the Hanging Gardens of Shoreditch, The Glades of Soho. Let's have floating overgrown islands moored on the Thames - they can make bridges and movable, modular, floating landscapes. Let's open up the pavements and glass them over so we can see all Londons hundred rivers flowing under our feet. These can be planted with fern mosses and lichen and illuminated at night to make spectacular walkways.

The album is out on March 30th, available from all good music outlets and garden centres. Details here.

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