Wednesday, 8 March 2017

John Peel Mixtapes #1: Peel 80-01

Here's my first playlist / mixtape of tracks from John Peel shows, from January 1980. Rules are that tracks (singles, album tracks sessions etc.) were played for the first time around the stated period, and try to keep it to  max. 60 mins (30 mins each side), and one track per artist (unless there are more worthy of playing, eg. in the case of a session..). Playlist available on Spotify.


  1. Simple Minds - Premonition (session)
  2. The Cure - Play For Today (new album, Seventeen Seconds)
  3. Pretenders - Tattooed Love Boys (new album Pretenders)
  4. Magazine - A Song From Under the Floorboards (session)
  5. Silicon Teens - Judy In Disguise (single)
  6. John Foxx - He's a Liquid (album Metamatic)
  7. The Selecter - James Bond (B side)
  8. The Durutti Column - Requiem for a Father (new album The Return of..)


  1. Siouxsie & Banshees - Drop Dead/Celebration (B side)
  2. The Flying Lizards - TV (single)
  3. Martha & the Muffins - Echo Beach
  4. Madness - In the Rain (B side)
  5. OMITD - Red Frame/White Light (single)
  6. Bauhaus - Dark Entries (single)
  7. The Vapors - Turning Japanese (single)
  8. Simple Minds - Room (session)

Further reading:

  • Smash Hits January 10 1980 (Pretenders cover), incl. Lyrics Tears of a Clown, Too Much Too Young, My Girl, What Do I Get?, John I'm Only Dancing; Bitz: Inmates, Two-Tone, clash, Sex Pistols, Skahe, John Foxx, The Cure, XTC; features: Pretenders, Madness, Mike Oldfield, Selecter, Centrefold. Pink Floyd. Singles. My Girl Albunms: none! Back page poster. Clash

  • Smash Hits 24 January 1980 (Sparks cover): lyrics: Angels (L. Lovich), Someone's Looking At You, Three Minute Hero, Sweet Suburbia, 7teen. Bitz: Paul Weller, Hugh Cornwell, Elvis Costello, Madness, SLF, Regents, PIL, Squeeze, Tom Robinson, features. Sparks, Beat, Centrespread. Pretenders; Gigz.

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