Monday, 14 November 2011

Shake your Boots

Hurrah! Some good news at last on the new music front. Blackpool synth-queen Little Boots is back with a new single Shake. It's been over two years since her electro-fantastic debut album Hands, and despite some worrying moments where LB (real name Victoria) was apparently lacking some inspiration, she's back with a blinder.

It's modern, it's dance-orientated and it's instantly catchy...but despite all of that we rather like it here at LiM.
Shake has already been previewed on the net and on the wireless last week and is now up for sale at i-tunes and all those sorts of places.

Anyway you can party down and shake your boot-y right now thanks to this soundcloud thang with the radio edit ..or there's even a really cool "record player" longer version on youtube. Awwwww.


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