Saturday, 7 January 2012

out with the old...

..and in with the old, but newer, New Order. Mojo magazine dedicate their most recent edition (that's February 2012 to them) to the band and a CD of cover versions of their classic 1983 album Power, Corruption & Lies.
As usual with these things there are some hits and misses, although here at LiM we're enjoying in particular S.C.U.M.'s version of 586 and Walls' rendition of Ecstasy.

The CD contains covers of other NO PCL-era classics such as Blue Monday and Cries and Whispers, the latter being done rather well by Manchester's very own Lonelady,

MOJO preview all tracks here on Soundcloud:
Power, Corruption & Lies Covered + Blue Monday 12" Revisited - MOJO CD Preview (January 2012)

Full tracklist:
01 The Golden Filter – “Age of Consent”
02 Tarwater – “We All Stand”
03 Errors – “The Village”
04 S.C.U.M. – “586″
05 Fujiya & Miyagi – “Your Silent Face”
06 Seekae – “Ultraviolence”
07 Walls – “Ecstasy”
09 Biosphere – “Blue Monday”
10 Zombie Zombie – “The Beach”
11 Lonelady – “Cries & Whispers”
12 Anothers Blood – “Lonesome Tonight”
13 K-X-P – “Murder”

 - a big thanks to gaztronix for his cooperation in making this blog post possible. Happy new (order) year guv! Here's one I just came across..

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