Thursday, 28 March 2013

1983 v. 2013 / 2.0

I'm still waiting for my copy of the new Depeche Mode album, Delta Machine, which the whole world and his dog seems to have heard by now. (Ama-zon are respecting their delivery date this time instead of pleasantly surprising this patron as they usually do by delivering early..)

So in the meantime here's the second installment of the occasional series in which we compare what music bands are producing now as opposed to what they were doing thirty years hence.

And indeed here are ver Mode with their January 1983 inter-album single Get The Balance Right. This song did in fact see the band moving away from the sloppy pop songs (See You) of A Broken Frame to their more 'socially aware' output which would become so evident in their Construction Time Again album later in the year.
The video, and presumably the recording of the song, was the first to prominently feature new member Alan Wilder who played such a large part in the group's sound and indeed character until his departure,  ten years or so into the future. The 12" 'Combination' mix of GTBR was particularly ace, and is apparently hailed by some as being the first "house" track given it's bass-heavy rhythm and chunky sound.

Fast forward to 2013 and thirty years, ten studio albums, hundreds of live dates and as many personal crises later and we are in a very different mode (cringe..) indeed. That said, the March 2013 single Heaven touches on by now regular topics of religion, redemption, suffering etc. in a reet bluesy number, but which definitely hits the spot in being ultimately catchy and, well, Depeche Mode-y. New album awaited with the usual trepidation.

We'll be comparing further 1983/2013 singles and perhaps some album tracks later in the series. Stay tuned..

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